Facebook Game Issues

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  1. David Castellanos

    David Castellanos

    8 фев 2017
    Facebook and 101xp Problems

    1. Formation stuck

    2. Can’t use army expansion

    3. Can’t use zombie lure

    4. Institute can’t research advanced offensive

    5. Armory everything crafted is a level below

    6. Material chest everything opened is a color lower

    7. Mails not flowing thru in a timely matter

    8. Translation is not working

    9. Lag on sending troops

    10. Can’t see all the commanders

    11. Spinning circle on screen all the time


    1.Does not put us there need to refresh

    2. Can’t use arena teleport

    3. Can’t attack buildings they are shielded says Battle for

    Launch center will start soon


    1.No option for reset Abilities

    I’m sure there are more all this affects are game and battles and needs to be fixed

    We are at a huge disadvantage and if can’t be fixed we should be compensated. Some how for this

    Since when advertised should of stated we were going to be screwed